Connecting and Disconnecting

Types of Connection

You will probably connect the Notetaker and the student using a wireless or other network that is set up separately from Note-ED. However, Note-ED can also use an old-fashioned serial connection, where a cable is connected between the two computers.

Network Connection from the Notetaker

Connect the notetaker's program to the network first by selecting Network on the connection checkboxes (Connection check boxes).  You will be given the address of the notetaker's machine. This address and the host name is also displayed on the caption of the note-taker's program (Caption Bar showing the NoteTaker Address). In this example, the address is and the full-stops between the numbers are important.

Network Connection from the Student

On the student program, select Network. When prompted for an address, enter the address or the host name of the note-taker's machine. Select the appropriate option button (address or host name). You can search for active note-takers using the Find Notetaker button. A list of active note takers will be displayed in the list box.  Double click on the appropriate note taker to set up the host name. Some networks do not allow the discovery of Notetakers in this way, so you have to type in the address or the host name from the caption bar of the Note-taker's PC.

Make sure that the port setting on the student matches that on the caption bar of the Note-taker's PC.

Click on OK after the address or host-name has been set up.

 Student Connection Dialog Box


Use the connection (port) selector (Link Active Checkbox) to disconnect the student program from the port.  This allows the student to select and modify the notes without being affected by the note-taker.  Anything typed on the note-taker's machine will not be transferred to the student's program. Disconnect the note-taker's program by unchecking the relevant connection checkboxes (Connection check boxes).

Direct Serial Connection Using A Cable


Connect the note-taker's and student's computer using a cross-over or null-modem cable.

Setting up a connection

Once both note-taker and student programs are running, use the connection (port) selector (Student Port Selector) on the student program and the connection checkboxes (Connection check boxes) on the note-taker's program to try different combinations of links. Normally, Link 1 should be selected on both PCs. However, you may have to use different links (ports) on the two programs. If the connection is working, anything typed on the note-taker's computer should be echoed on the student's.