Entering and Modifying Text on the Notetaker

Type into the main text area as normal.  The mouse and cursor can be used to move to different positions to insert or delete text.  If you select text with the mouse, it will be deleted when a key is pressed. The backspace and delete key can be used to delete a character. Providing the connection is working and both Notetaker and student programs are active, everything typed should appear on the student program. Any edits made on the Notetaker should be reflected on the student program.

If you have selected the Automatic Capitals option on the Tools menu,  capital letters will be automatically inserted after full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

If you have activated abbreviations, when you type an abbreviation, it will be expanded when you press a space or punctuation.

You can format the text using standard control keys, toolbar buttons, the pop-up menu or the main menu.

You can move text around by selecting it and dragging it with the mouse.

You can jump through the text a word at a time by holding down the control key as you press the cursor key to go left or right.

You can delete the whole of the last word that you typed by holding down the control key and pressing the backspace key.

If you hold down the shift key while moving through the document, text will be selected.

Modifying Text on the Student

While the student program is active, it is not possible to type into or edit the text.  The text can be altered if the program is deactivated. Because this will bring the student text out of synchronisation with the Notetaker, it should only be done to tailor the text before saving it.  When the student is activated, the system should be resynchronised before further notes are taken.