Following Text Entry

When corrections and amendments are being made, it can be distracting following every change on the student viewer. Although text will be constantly updated, Note-ED Student gives you three options:

Deciding what to follow

Option Behaviour
Scroll to follow every change made by the notetaker.
Scroll to follow changes made in the last few lines of text by the notetaker.
Scrolling is not done automatically.

Deciding when to refresh the display

Option Behaviour
Refresh the display every characgter pressed.
Refresh the display a word at a time (e.g. after the notetaker types a space or a carriage return.)
Refresh the display after each line typed (i.e. when the notetaker presses return or after 80 characters)

In addition, by selecting on Note-ED student, text will be displayed a word at a time - e.g. after the notetaker types a space or a carriage return.