Loading and Saving Files

Loading files

Use File, Open on the menu or the file open button (File Open Button) to load a plain text (.txt) or a rich text (.rtf) file in either the Notetaker or the Student.  (The only reason for loading a file with the student program is to save time transferring information from the Notetaker program.)  If the connection is set up when information is loaded in the Notetaker, the information will be copied to the student.

Loading Word files.

This facility is only available if Microsoft Word is installed on the note taker's PC.

Use File, Open on the menu or the file open button, select Word files (*.doc) in the Files of type drop-down list.

Notetaker can only handle simple formatting.  For example, it cannot represent tables.

Loading other non-text files

Open the file with its normal application (e.g. Word). Select the whole document and copy to the clipboard.  Paste into Notetaker using the Edit, Paste menu or the paste (Paste Button) button.

Saving files

Use File, Save or File, SaveAs on the menu or the save (Save Button) or saveAs (SaveAs Button) buttons to save a file in either the Notetaker or the Student. SaveAs always requests a file name.  Save only requests a file name the first time a document is saved, after that the same file name is automatically used.

You can save the file in plain text format, as a Rich Text Format, or as a word document (providing you have Word installed).