Overlay Mode Client

Setting up Overlay Mode

Connect to the notetaker

Click on and position the Notetaker window. Note that in Overlay Mode, the full size of the window will be used.

Select transparent or translucent overlay. If you want to change the Hot-key combination that turns overlay mode off from the default, click on the Hot-key box and enter the combination of ALT, CONTROL, SHIFT and key that you want to use to leave Overlay Mode.

See below for the different styles.

To use a transparent overlay

To use a translucent overlay

Select the Transparent option and press OK Select the Translucent option, select the degree of transparency and press OK

Transparent Mode

In Transparent Mode, the application can be seen through the Client window, except where the text is displayed. Moreover, any visible buttons or links can be clicked.

Translucent Mode

In Translucent Mode, the application can be seen behind the whole Client window. No visible buttons or links in the application behind the Clienct can be clicked. A transparency of 0 will completely hide the application behind the Client window.

To Leave Overlay Mode

Enter the hot-key combination selected when you entered Overlay Mode.