Insert a pre-recorded script

You can insert an entire file into the Notetaker and send it to the student by using File, Open. However, you may want to display a script a line or a sentence at a time. The Font and the background of the script window are the same as those of the main window.

Load a script into the Script Window

Display the Script Window by Tools, Use Script. Select a script file. You can make small edits to the script before transferring it to the Notetaker. You can save the modified script. (File, Save)

Use the Load Script button or File, Load to select a different script file.

Transfer information to the Notetaker

You can transfer the information a line or a sentence at a time (or you can transfer the rest of the document) - select the appropriate option.

To copy the next section, click on the Transfer button.

To restart at the beginning of the script, click on the Reset script button.

To set the start of the next section to be transferred, move the cursor and select Reset to Cursor.

When you have finished with the script, close the Script Window.

Marking information that has been transferred

Select View, Mark Used Text, to strike out the text as it is transferred.

Position the script window

You can ensure the script window remains on top: View, Stay On Top.

You can position the script window to the side of the main window: Side By Side.

By default the script window is positioned on the left side of the main window. However, you can move it to the right: Attach to Right.