Using the Function (F) Keys to identify speakers

Identifying speakers

Pressing the Function keys (F1 - F12) will insert the string associated with that key. Note: F10 has a special meaning and cannot be linked to a speaker.

Defining new speakers

Use Tools, Define F Keys on the menu or the toolbar speaker button () to display the Speaker form. This allows you to modify the strings associated with the keys. This will often be a name, but could be any string. Enter the string next to the appropriate button.

If Highlight speakers is checked, a blank line will be inserted before the string, which will also be made bold.

If Colour speakers is checked, the speaker name and following text will be displayed in the appropriate colour.

You can restore the default colour for following typing by clicking on the key on the toolbar.

Viewing the strings associated with keys

The keys and associated strings are displayed in the status bar. You can also hold the mouse over the speaker button () to see the strings associated with the F keys. Move the mouse away from the button to close the display. Alternatively, you can leave the Speakers form open.

Changing the colour associated with a speaker.

By clicking on the colour next to an F key in the Speakers form, you can change the colour associated with that speaker. These colours will be automatically saved on your computer and reused the next time you run Note-ED on that computer.