Checking Spellings

This facility is only available if Microsoft Word is installed on the note-taker's PC.

Selecting the Spelling Language

Use Tools, Set Language to select the language to be used by the spelling checker.  This displays the list of languages supported by the version of Word installed on the note taker's PC. Select the appropriate language.

Checking a single word

Highlight the word. Use Tools, Check Spelling from cursor on the menu.

Checking the document

Use Tools, Check Spelling on the menu or the Check Spelling button () to check the document.

Checking the rest of the document

Move the cursor to the start of the region to be checked. Use Tools, Check Spelling from cursor on the menu  to check the remainder of the document.

Correcting a spelling

When an incorrect spelling is identified, a list of suggestions is displayed.  You can select one of the suggestions to replace the selected incorrect word. If All is checked, every following instance of the selected word will be replaced. The other options are Stop (stop spellchecking), Next (skip to the next incorrect spelling), or Ignore (skip to the next incorrect spelling, and ignore all occurrences of the selected word).

Words that have been ignored during spelling checking, will be ignored whenever the spelling checker is used. However, you can edit and amend the list of known words. You can clear all the words from the list.

Editing known spellings: words to be ignored

You can edit the list of words that are ignored during spelling checking.  Select Tools, Edit spellings. The Edit Known Spellings dialog allows you to add, amend and delete known spellings. You can also load and save the spelling list.

Loading and saving known spellings

Select Tools, Edit spellings. The Edit Known Spellings dialog allows you to save the current list of known words to a file or to load a file of spellings. The file of spellings can replace or be added to the current list of known words.

Disabling / enabling spelling

If you do not want to use spell checking, but have Word installed, you can make the application load faster by disabling spell checking. Click on Tools, Disable spellchecking. The next time Note-Ed loads, it won't open Word in the background. Enable spell check by clicking again on Tools, Disable spellchecking.