Using Mobile Client

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Setting up the Mobile Client

Downloading the Mobile Client

.Launch a browser on the mobile device and enter the address of the notetaker laptop. The IP addresses of the notetaker application will have been displayed on the notetaker. The client will need to use the appropriate address to download the mobile client software. If there is more than one address, only the IP address on the same network as the client device will work. You may need to try each address in the mobile device until one works. e.g.

Connecting to the Notetaker

Enter your name and select text and background colours. Click OK

Click on Connect to link to the notetaker application.

Text will be displayed as it is typed. The text will be unformatted.

Changing the Mobile Client Display Properties

Click on the grey border on the left of the application and the left sidebar will be displayed.


Chat back to the Notetaker

Enter text into the message box and click Send