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Note-ED Team

Note-ED's Support for Team-working

What is it?

Note-ED Team allows two notetakers to work alternately using their own laptops. The client views the information displayed by the active notetaker. The other, passive, notetaker monitors the same information and with one click can take control of the session.

Using Note-ED Team

  1. Both notetakers should connect to the network as normal.
  2. The passive notetaker should select File, Monitor or right-click and choose Monitor from the pop-up menu. Enter the address of the active notetaker.
  3. The active notetaker uses Note-ED as normal. Everything typed will appear on the passive notetaker's screen, just as on the client's.
  4. When ready to take over, the passive notetaker should select File, Take Session Over or right-click and choose Take Session Over from the pop-up menu. The notetaker who was active becomes passive and the passive notetaker becomes active. This last step can be repeated to swap back.

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